Manufacturing Policy

As a Manufacture of Public Chairs, KOTOBUKI Has Developed a Wide Range of Knowledge and Contributed to a Variety of Activities.

The basic philosophy of KOTOBUKI SEATING CO., LTD., since our inception has been the “Creation of Comfortable Space That Everyone Can Enjoy.” With confidence and pride each employee pursues our requirements for public seating---“Public,”“International” and “professional”---based on the product concepts of “Universal Design,” “Ecology” and “Long Life.”

※Quality Management System ISO9001 Certified
※Environmental Management System ISO14001 Certified

Based on the KOTOBUKI product


For the long-term easy and safe use of KOTOBUKI’s products, Universal Design has been adopted at all stages from planning, design, manufacturing and maintenance through renewal. We also offer meticulous solutions for barrier-free space. Moreover, we will continues to collaborate with research institutes and universities.

KOTOBUKI's ECO & Long life.

Our newly commercialized research results include temperature-controlled chairs, which enhance the thermal efficiency of air conditioning. We have also formulated an environment-friendly renewal concept. Rather than disassembling old chairs, we improve them by reusing materials through our next-generation renewal system.

KOTOBUKI Creates Custom-designed Seats by Working Together with Architects.

A concert hall's seating is closely associated with building design and the hall's interior and acoustics. This is why KOTOBUKI repeatedly meets with architects and designers from the earliest planning stages to study the best possible seating for the hall. KOTOBUKI has worked closely with many of the world's top architects. As the world's market leader, KOTOBUKI produces seating that excels in quality, cost, safety, and service.

Research and Planning.

KOTOBUKI's pioneering spirit is based on a complete confidence in our fundamental technologies, which have been accumulated in manufacturing processes, and in professional research and planning abilities. KOTOBUKI will continue to enhance the excellence of design and engineering functions, and to provide thorough quality control to maximise customer satisfaction.