B1F Theater, Hall / P.S Studio

Our Theatre Seating products are displayed here, both items from our standard production line, and special order items for use in Japan and abroad. You can also try opening and storing our Retractable Seating (Full Automatic Telescopic Seating System), a great choice for seating in multi-purpose halls which can be opened to multi-level seating, or conveniently slid back into a single stack. In the “Co-LABO” conference room space, you can adjust lighting to test the look of the textiles, wood, and colors used in our seating options in different environments. By helping our clients to view our seating in an environment as close as possible to the actual hall where it will be used, we believe they can truly experience the product for themselves.

Experience the seats at prominent Theaters and Halls across Japan all at once

A permanent exhibit of roughly 40 types of seats ranging from famous theaters and halls that everybody knows about to regional city halls and even auditoriums and conference halls at schools and companies. You might be able to encounter a seat in the theater of your desires that you always wanted to visit at least once.

Discover your favorite level of seating comfort

You can sit in all of the seats being displayed. The level of seating comfort and impression of Theater seating vary greatly when changing the shape, materials, cushion firmness and size, and arrangement. You can find the most comfortable seats that are appropriate for the theater that is about to be built.

Experience all features before choosing

In addition to the deployment, storage speed, and maneuverability of Retractable Seating (Full Automatic Telescopic Seating System), the level of seating comfort and the amount of vibration felt when people walk on the passages and stairs can be experienced.

Conduct simulations that recreate theater atmospheres with the dimmable lighting feature

“Co-LABO” is a conference room that aims to recreate the lighting of Theaters and Halls. Roughly 230 types of textile samples are displayed. Outstanding designers specializing in the textiles of Theater Seating propose original patterns that match the characteristics of the theater. This space can also be utilized to evaluate the color scheme of the construction.