1F Main Entrance / Cinema

In the Main Entrance, you can view famous theater seats from Japan, or the classically popular FRP chairs from the Kotobuki 60 series, and other special chairs, which you have the special opportunity to try for yourself here. This area features a variety of stylish Cinema Seating. You can also try using the Gymnasium Divider Curtain we have installed in the ceiling of the room as well.

Special seats created together with an architect

As Theater Seating is closely connected to architectural space, seats that have a common concept with the architecture are created at times. Seats that were created together with an architect representing Japan are displayed in the Main Entrance.

Architects embed their deep love and thoughts into Theater Seating as well as buildings. We would like the thoughts of architects to be imagined while seeing, touching, and sitting on the seats. As the Main Entrance is always kept open, it can be viewed at any time.

A movie space with plenty of realism enabling you to experience the level of seating comfort from general seating to premium seating

Based on the wish of “allowing viewers to watch movies more comfortably,” we create luxurious seats that pursue seating comfort and ease of use.

Large back cushions that wrap around the upper body, reclining features that allow viewers to adjust the back angle to their liking, and shelves that allow viewers to place their items are examples of the fine considerations that are included in Cinema Seating. It is possible to try seating for long hours, in order to simulate movie viewing times.

The Gymnasium Divider Curtain that divides spaces and enables wide uses

The Gymnasium Divider Curtain “Divider” is a product that attracts attention to utilize arenas and stadiums effectively. As it is placed in the open ceiling portion of the Main Entrance, the action of dividing arena courts spatially and visually can be confirmed while maneuvering.

Fresh Meeting Spaces with outside light

Panels introducing overseas group companies are exhibited. There are also spacious meeting rooms that enable presentations with projectors and study groups.