4F Assembly Hall / History Museum

Desks and chairs for conference and assembly halls. And take a look back at the history of Kotobuki Seating, first founded in 1914, as shown through representative pieces from each era. You can see older seats which are unique to the era when they were designed, and quite different from modern pieces.

“Movable” Floor Furniture for assembly halls

Fixed assembly member seats and desks were common for customary Assembly halls in Japan, but movable types are gaining popularity these days. Assembly halls that can have their layout moved and changed are expected to be utilized effectively, such as by turning into emergency response rooms during natural disasters and being used by citizens as a hall room when assemblies are not taking place.

The new feature of mobility has been added, while maintaining the functionality and dignity of a standard Assembly hall. Assembly member seats can certainly be moved together with the podium. Gallery seats are also displayed.

Kotobuki Seating’s progress over more than 100 years

Kotobuki Seating produced the first connected seats in Japan. The seats of Yasuda Auditorium in The University of Tokyo and Suntory Hall, which are epoch-making facilities that play an essential role in the history of public halls in Japan, are displayed.

Benches at stations in Japan that everybody has sat in at least once, a replica of the face of the Tower of the Sun from Osaka Expo, which is a symbol of Japan’s period of high-level economic growth, and various rare items that cannot be seen in other museums are all displayed.