Continue to evolve.

Since its establishment in 1914, Kotobuki Seating has carried the motto "Always with a Pioneering Spirit." And we plan to stay faithful to this philosophy for the next hundred years. In order to create spaces that everyone can enjoy equally, safety, quality and design-centricity are essential. In keeping with Kotobuki Seating's mission, we will continue to ensure the strength and durability of our seating solutions and design each product with the highest safety standards in mind. It's with this philosophy and this commitment to safety and quality that Kotobuki Seating will evolve into the next generation.

I have been trying to live my life by two mottos. One is "Just start," which, to me, means to not be afraid to jump in to but to listen and seek feedback along the way. The second is "The only constant is change." To me this means that change is unavoidable, but also essential. Both of these ideas are complimentary to Kotobuki Seating's philosophy, "Always with a Pioneering Spirit."

I also serve as President and CEO of Kotobuki Seating International in New York City, USA. I've found that when I'm in the US, I think in English, and when I'm in Japan, I think in Japanese. I respect both ways of thinking. Professionalism is at the heart of the Japanese way of thinking. It involves considering all the angles of the project, gathering as much detail as possible. I believe this is part of why Kotobuki seating products are so highly regarded. In the US, the first thing to do is to quickly make a plan, and then develop it further as you go along. Both of these approaches have their merits. A truly successful business knows when to apply each kind of thinking. Kotobuki Seating and its worldwide group of companies take this idea further by bringing together the diverse leadership teams from the UK, France, and several Asian countries at an annual World Conference so we can all learn from and inspire each other.

My passion as a leader is to connect public spaces around the world with the sense of safety and security brought by quality people can trust.

Keiko Fukasawa, President and CEO

People Meet and Interact. Here is KOTOBUKI SEATING.

Envisioning the pleasant gathering of people at public spaces, KOTOBUKI SEATING CO., LTD. ("KOTOBUKI," "we" or the "Company"), has operated for more than 100 years. We have been tirelessly refining our technology to create people's smiles, and each product of the Company is the fruit of our genuine pursuit of innovation. Such devotion is our instinct and commitment. It is also proof of our strict adherence to safety and quality. The Company's history, which has broadened people's smiles, will be extended well into the future. We can hear the voices of people interacting with each other.

As a Pioneer of Public Seating.

Since our inception as KOTOBUKI Shoten in 1914, we have operated for approximately 100 years and will continue to prosper as KOTOBUKI SEATING. Many of the chairs and other furniture in theaters and halls that we delivered during the past 100 years have been functioning well in many venues, resulting in increased trust of KOTOBUKI. Continuing to adhere to KOTOBUKI's founding corporate philosophy, "Always with a Pioneering Spirit," we will further deepen our highly professional technologies and continue persistent efforts in production, tackling various challenges for another 100 years.

Ours Is an Evolved Form of Kindness.

KOTOBUKI's enthusiasm for its products can be described as "being kind to the users of our chairs over the long term." Our efforts in pursuit of long-term safety and the comfort of chairs are ongoing. Of course, environmental friendliness is also important. The evolution of chairs is seen not only in their functional shapes but also in the enhancement of environmental considerations, the improved utilization of space and the development of Universal Design (UD). We are proud that the UD concept has been a continuing pursuit of KOTOBUKI in its century-long history, resulting in tangible outcomes. Our concepts for the "Universal Design," "Ecology" and "Long Life" of products are the basis of our product creation and continue to evolve.

Trust Begins with KOTOBUKI and Strengthens over Time.

KOTOBUKI's ideal products are those that do not let people feel that time has elapsed. However, nothing can last forever. When renewal becomes necessary, we fully optimize our design and technological capabilities and create unique comfortable desks/chairs that can endure for decades. We believe that trust can be strengthened across generations.