3F Stadium and Arena / Capsule Bed “Sleep Capsule”

Here you can see seats and large stages meant for outdoor use in stadiums and arenas, or for gymnasium seats. You can also see our Capsule Bed “Sleep Capsule” which has received quite a lot of attention though the Cool Japan movement.

Evaluation of dimensions, which is essential for building new stadiums, is also easy

There are various types of stadiums, such as stadiums specific for baseball or soccer and athletic fields. Roughly 50 types of products are displayed to satisfy demands that continue to diversify. As there is an abundance of dimensions for seat widths, it is easy to evaluate sizing when creating new stands.

Wide-ranging Stadium Seating

There are also seats with a high level of cushioning, as well as seats with an integrated backrest and seats with a separate backrest. You can also take a look at high back seats and press box seats. Since the Cup Holders, which are essential for Stadium Seating, were designed to save space and be convenient, the placement location and shape differ based on the shape of the chair. This can also be checked practically.

We also offer comfortable VIP seats similar to Cinema Seating

VIP seats that cannot usually be sat in, such as annual contract seats of specific companies, are also displayed. We plan to continue to increase all-weather high-grade seats that fulfill the demand for luxury seats, which is expected to grow in the future.

Making the Thrill of Watching Sports More Exciting

The large view brings the dynamism of play directly to the audience. Experience from your stadium seat the high-quality video technology of Daktronics, which boasts an overwhelming share of the market for video equipment provided to venues for the four major professional sports in America.

Experience the Many Ways to Enjoy Sports SUITE ROOM

SUITE ROOM has given rise to a new sports watching style that offers an exciting and extraordinary experience different from that in the stands. There are already many examples of this kind of space in the stadiums and arenas of Europe.

There is an entire lineup of furniture, including chairs and tables, that is indispensable for interior design. Spend time with the people important to you while experiencing a high-quality and luxuriously relaxing space that is quite different from that of a reception or meeting room.

Experience the same seating comfort and maneuverability as the actual arena

As arenas in Japan evolve, their main purpose is shifting from “playing sports” to “watching sports.” You can experience the deployment, storage, and movement of Retractable Seating, which is expected to be implemented more and more as time passes. There are many types of seats for Retractable Seating, such as bench seats, seats with backrests, and seats with cushions.

Get a Pleasant Sleep in an Actual Capsule Bed

The capsule beds of kotobuki seating have a bright, stylish exterior design and an immaculate interior with a spacious feeling. There is increasing demand for the capsule hotels in downtown Tokyo and elsewhere that use these beds.

They are also be employed to improve the environment of staff who work day and night, such as the police and people at airports, railways, and hospitals. The showroom features a wide range of variations from standard to high grade.

An Abundance of Variations

A wide variety of capsule bed variations that were developed to meet different customer needs, such as one room type, wide type, and staggered arrangement type, in addition to conventional capsule beds where the same units are stacked on top of each other are on display.

Capsule Bed Individual Room Arrangement in Dormitories and Seminar Houses

This is an open side, individual room arrangement type capsule bed that provides an individual room and conserves space, for which the need is great in dormitories and seminar houses. These capsule beds can be used to create a feeling of spaciousness even when the space for an individual room is limited.