Trust in Kotobuki Seating has grown over time

Kotobuki Seating manufactures and sells seats, desks and capsule beds, or “Sleep Capsules”. Since its foundation over 100 years ago, the company has contributed to the creation of a new spaces by manufacturing safe and durable seating.

Furniture for public facilities

In 1914, Kotobuki started its business selling imported furniture from a Kotobuki store. In 1923, Kotobuki collaborated with Frank Lloyd Wright, manufacturing seats for the Imperial Hotel Theater. This was a turning point for the company and the start of its manufacturing tradition. Kotobuki’s second public seating project was the Yasuda Auditorium at what is now The University of Tokyo. From there, the company began to manufacture seats and desks for many iconic Japanese construction projects, including the postwar reconstruction of the Kabukiza Theater in 1951, and the creation of the famous Suntory Hall at Tokyo Dome in 1988.
While valuing its own rich history, Kotobuki constantly researches and engages with public spaces, so that it can continue to evolve to meet their needs.

Main business areas

Suntry Hall / filming in cooperation
with SUNTORY HALL and NHK Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo

Theatres and concert halls

Major cities have spaces where people share experiences

Each country or region has its own unique culture, art and ways of communicating. Typically, people choose to gather in spaces where culture or information are shared. Such spaces can be improved to become more exciting and comfortable. Theatres and halls, as symbols of a city or street, encourage and comfort people. On streets throughout the world, Kotobuki’s products help to keep people enthusiastic and engaged.

Saitama Super Arena

Multipurpose hall

Our system for flexible and multipurpose halls is making an impression at facilities worldwide.

Kotobuki’s unique Roll Back Chair Stand (RCS) system converts a limited single-use space to a multifunctional venue. This trailblazing seating technology is known to public organizations throughout the world as a highly efficient space utilization method. It’s a technology which can be passed on to the next generation. Meanwhile, Kotobuki continues to improve and evolve its technologies and expertise.

Yasuda Auditorium, University of Tokyo

Education and training venues

Kotobuki creates a learning environment for young people.

Our products feature a good balance between technological strength and thoughtful design. Our advanced, world-renowned technologies meet the demanding safety standards for educational and training facilities. Our highly functional products are sturdy and relaxing, and their attractive design will never look dated. Kotobuki addresses educational facilities' needs first by listening to feedback from schools and other educational institutions. All this feeds into our research and development program. At elementary, junior and senior high schools, universities and research institutes, Kotobuki’s products have been chosen, and our research findings are gaining trust.

Kumagaya Rugby Stadium

Sports venues

Kotobuki, globally renowned chair maker, contributes to sports events worldwide.

At sports events all over the world, people sit side by side, sharing the thrills and excitement. At such events, Kotobuki’s chairs have been kicked and struck many times, as people have vented their passion and enthusiasm for the drama unfolding before them. In this way, our chairs have been thoroughly tested! As a manufacturer of tough chairs, Kotobuki is highly trusted at sports venues. We will continue to be committed to manufacturing resilient and ergonomic chairs.

Shimotsuke City Hall

Conference venues

Making chairs for conference facilities to optimize delegates’ comfort

Kotobuki’s desks and chairs have long been a part of conference venues, serving as a core element of such facilities. In recent years, we have seen increasing demand for multipurpose products, and we are finding ways to satisfy the practical requirements of conference venues while maintaining the high specification finish they demand. For example, Kotobuki has developed mobile conference desks and chairs with higher functionality. The versatility and practicality of our products is highly acclaimed.

Capsule bed (“Sleep Capsule”)

natural hot spring & hotel Matsunoyu

The "Sleep Capsule," a capsule bed with enhanced calming functions, can also be used as a relaxation space. Since the initial delivery of our Sleep Capsules to the world's first capsule hotel, which was built in Osaka in 1979, we have delivered 60,000 beds in Japan and overseas. We are continuously improving our Sleep Capsule to offer more efficiency and comfort, meaning that applications of the product are becoming diverse. The Sleep Capsule has been utilized not only at lodging facilities but also as a place to take a nap or rest for full-time workers or those on night duty in various industries. A large variety of Sleep Capsules are available to accommodate these diverse applications.

Capsule bed