Demand for comfort and splendor have given rise to cinema seats that provide a new luxury experience

Kotobuki Seating has been making seats for public spaces where people gather since 1914. At one time, the seats in Japanese cinemas were mostly the same type as those used in the theaters and halls were plays and music concerts are performed, but in the 1990’s we developed a special seat for cinemas in line with the cinema complex trend. This was the prototype of the cinema seat that remains in use today. This unique cinema seat featured great seated comfort provided by the plentiful cushioning and soon spread to cinemas throughout Japan. In this 2020's, we have utilized our global network to provide a wide selection of increasingly evolved cinema seats.

Our Brands

Quinette Gallay

Venerable European Maker Located in Paris

The chair culture has a long history in Europe, and Quinette Gally, a venerable French theater seat maker that has gained trust over many years, is a member of the Kotobuki Seating group. Their seats are 100% made in France. Their seats are known for their dignified Western-like classical design featuring completely enveloping cushioning and a single leg. The seat number can be embroidered into the seat. The black turns the screen room into a stylish space.

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Ferco Seating Systems

Many Advanced Designs for Reclining Chairs

Also a Kotobuki Seating group member is Ferco Seating Systems, which is excellent at proposing a variety of advanced seats, such as electric reclining chairs, huge leather sofas, rocking chairs, and classical seats. It is popular to install inclining seats in the front row of cinema complexes. Ferco Seating Systems has a reputation for advanced functionality and designs, and their seats are widely sold overseas as chairs for home theaters.

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Kotobuki Seating

Made-in-Japan design based on Ergonomics

These seats are designed to fit the physique of Japanese and are the benefactor of public seating production technology nurtured for over 100 years. This king of cinema seats provides a spacious feeling when seated. The size, color, and other specifications can be flexibly customized. On-site cinema staff are also pleased with the ability to easily change the upholstery when it becomes soiled by food or drink.

Made To Order

From Original to Collaboration Designs

We also make original seats just for your cinema. Not only can customization be provided, such as VIP seats with shelves for holding belongings and box type seats separated by dividers, but we can also produce original designs in collaboration with your company or brand. We can also provide branding that contributes to attracting customers, such as screen branding by using special seats for all of the seating and putting special seats in specific areas for differentiation.

Typical Projects

Marunouchi Piccadilly DOLBYCINEMA( Tokyo / Renewed in 2019.10 / 1screen / 253 seats )

The first Dolby Cinema dedicated theater in Japan is opening on the 5th floor of the Yurakucho Mullion Annex after renovations. The design in black tones expresses the Dolby Cinema world view and promotes a feeling of immersion with the screen interior design. Two armrests, one each left and right, are provided for each seat to create spaciousness and eliminate the competition for an armrest with the person next to you. There is also extra space in front and behind the seats. Reclining seats from Ferco Seating Systems are installed in the front row. These seats have a footrest to allow you to relax while being drawn into the movie.

Grand Cinema Sunshine( Tokyo / Opened in 2019.7 / 12 screens / 2,443 seats )

Cinema complex opened in Ikebukuro as the largest movie theater in Tokyo. It has the largest IMAX® super-large screen in Japan. The seats for standard class are by Quinette Gally. And for the premium class with reclining and side table, the grand class with electric reclining and side table with bottle cooler, and the front row flat that you can enjoy lying down, by Ferco Seating Systems.

kino cinéma Tachikawa Takashimaya S.C.( Tokyo / Opened in 2019.6 / 3 screens / 199 seats )

All of the seats are equipped with the rocking function developed by Kotobuki Seating for kino cinema. When you rest against the back the seat rocks backward, allowing you to sink into the seat to relax while enjoying the movie. Two armrests, one each left and right, are provided for each seat to create ample space. Theater 3 is installed with the first Ferco’s electric reclining seats in Japan. All of the seats are upholstered in the same red and black arrangement giving these seats have a great sense of presence within the simple interior design.

UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO( Tokyo / Opened in 2018.12 / 5 screens / 300 seats )

This is a mini theater complex with 5 screens and a total of 300 seats that opened on the second underground floor of Kichijoji PARCO. UPLINK representative Takashi Asai thinks that, “The most important element of a cinema is the seat,” and selected these cinema seats by going to France and checking the actual comfortability of the seats in the Quinette Gallay showroom. The selected diverse seats work in concert with the various screen concepts.

T Joy Hakata( Fukuoka / Renewed in 2018.11 / 11 screens / 1,877 seats )

Situated above Hakata Station, this cinema complex boasts excellent access. The main theater, Theater 9 (421 seats), is an Asia Gateway Cinema equipped to host performances and ceremonies, and the greatest attention has been given to acoustics, image quality, interior design, lighting, and other details. The theater has been meticulously designed to ensure that every single seat offers the same exceptional viewing environment. In the fall of 2018, it became the very first “Dolby Cinema” theater in Japan.

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United Cinemas Fukuokamomochi( Fukuoka / Opened in 2018.11 / 11 screens / 1,674 seats )

Ferco Seating Systems reclining seats have been installed as premium seats in the last row of all the theaters except the 4DX digital theater. The general seats have a pair of armrests, left and right, for all seats. There is space between adjacent seats for two armrests, so each person can relax and enjoy their own space while seated. You also no longer have to worry about accidentally using the drink holder of the neighboring chair.

Human Trust Cinema Shibuya( Tokyo / Renewed in 2018.10 / 3 screens / 433 seats )

A reproduction model of a product that was once popular at the Quinette Gallay was used for the seats. All of the pre-renovation seats were black, but the images of the three theaters was changed this time by giving each theater seats of a different color―red, blue, or yellow. The seat numbers are embroidered on the seat back top and armrest, and the row number is embroidered on the side of the aisle-side armrest. The gold colored thread of the embroidery also acts to accent the one-color simple upholstery design.

POLE POLE CINEMAS IWAKI ONAHAMA( Fukushima / Opened in 2018.6 / 9 screens / 1,327 seats )

The concept incorporates a classic Hawaiian design in deference to the “hula dance” that is a centerpiece of tourism in Iwaki City. Each guest seat is 600 mm wide, which is the most spacious of any of the general seats used in cinemas in Japan. Because the seats are so wide, large number plates made of suede fabric are placed on the backs of the seats to help customers easily find their seat.

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Aeon Cinema Hiroshima Seifushinto( Hiroshima / Opened in 2018.4 / 9 screens / 1,389 seats )

All of the seating is from Quinette Gallay. The seats have a spacious 600mm width and provide a feeling of being snuggly wrapped. They are installed at a slightly upward facing angle so that the body rests against the back, which also provides plenty of support for the head and neck. The low-resistance, lightweight cushion and thick armrests are covered with a moquette-like upholstery that provides an enjoyable soft feeling.

Toei Kyoto Studio Preview Room( Kyoyo / Renewed in 2018.4 / 1 screen / 42 seats )

This is a historic film studio from the early 1900’s that is said to even be the oldest of the studios of Toei Company, Ltd. It supports a variety of sections used for movie post-production work, such as staging, filming, art, costumes, and production management. One of the preview rooms was recently renovated. As is becoming of a historic studio, the seats have theater specification luxurious appointments such as using natural wood in the seat backs.

Anjo Korona World Cinema( Aichi / Renewed in 2018.4 / 10 screens / 1,418 seats )

This type of theater has been named a “Jushin Theater” (from the Japanese for low register sound x vibration theater) because when there are low register sounds during the movie, the seats vibrate in unison, creating a new sensory theater. In this theater you can physically experience the sound all the way into your body, which not only increases the entertainment value but maximizes the appeal of the movie. Red is used as an accent color on the black leather seats.

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Narita Humax Cinemas( Chiba / Opened in 2017.4 / 10 screens / 2,155 seats *Futarium has 82 seats )

The screen Futarium, which newly opened within a cinema complex in 2017, has pair seats that allow a couple to become completely absorbed in watching a movie together. The seats are grouped together in twos, the backs can be individually reclined backwards, and when the bodyweight is place against the back, the seat become a reclining rocking chair. There are movable armrests between the seats that can be raised when the back is reclined or completely retracted to create spacious seating like a loveseat.

T Joy Prince Shinagawa( Tokyo / Renewed in 2016.7 / 11 screens / 1,986 seats )

This cinema complex is in a great location, just a two minute walk from Shinagawa Station. It features stadium style seating where each row is noticeably higher than the preceding row and the seats are angled to encompass the screen, bringing a sense of impact and realism to provide the best movie going experience in every seat. The theater also offers premium seating with leather upholstery and partitions between seats as well as seats for couples manufactured by Ferco Seating Systems.

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