Technical Information for Fully Automatic Telescopic Seating System

Building floors

The weight of the seating unit, including the total weights of the persons seated, acts upon the floor over which a retractable seating system runs. In addition, depending on the conditions of the floor, travel performance may be affected. Please give full consideration to these aspects when designing floors in your building.

Finished levels

Please ensure that there is no more than 2mm variation in the floor level across the area over which the seating unit will run or be stored.

Finishing materials

Caution should be used in selecting floor finish. Please read the notes below.

Timber Floor
As flooring made with underlay cushioning may be greatly deformed during unit travel, such floor materials are not appropriate as a running surface.

Please choose a carpet with minimal undulations. Install the carpet with strong adhesion between the floor material and foundations so that peeling or wrinkles do not form in sections run over by the unit. Ensure that the weave direction of the carpet and the travel direction of the unit are parallel to one another.

PVC sheeting
Install the sheeting with strong adhesion between the floor material and foundations so that peeling or wrinkles do not form in sections run over by the unit.

Most floor materials will experience some degree of depressions (running marks) due to localized concentrated load from theretractable seating system, and these depressions will remain on a semi-permanent basis.

If the seating unit is to run over a sprung sports floor, please perform work as shown in the above diagram as far as the storage area. In addition, please reinforce the area around the storage area to prevent the floor from sinking.

*At the request of customers, Kotobuki Seating performs evaluation testing on the floor materials to be used. Purpose-built equipment is able to recreate the conditions that occur when retractable seating system actually travels over a material to confirm the level of deformation that occurs in the floor material in advance. Please contact a Kotobuki Seating representative for more information.

Floor transition

It is best for the floor over which the retractable seating system runs to be free from any gap. If transitions are installed for unavoidable reasons, please set the levels the same as the building floor and when gaps are formed, make them no wider than 15mm. Removable guide rollers are placed before and after the transition sections if a travelling unit is specified.

Rough Indication of Weight

Unit weight - 60 kg / seat (for standard specifications)
Seat occupant weight - 60 kg / person ( average)

Load Distribution

A load distribution diagram can be created upon request. Please contact a Kotobuki Seating representative for details

Distributed Load Chart (Sample) (Unit: kg)
Number of Rows 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Dead Weight of Each Rows 1232 1110 1139 1157 1174 1191 1208 1226 1243 1260 908
Dead Weight per Each Roller Cover 206 185 190 193 196 199 202 205 208 210 152
Maximum Load per Group of Roller Covers Under Operation (Open and Close) 206 391 581 773 969 1168 1369 1573 1708 1990 2112
Maximum Load per Each Roller Cover When In Use 406 385 390 393 396 399 402 405 408 410 152
Maximum Load per Each Roller Cover When Loaded 300kg/m2 772 751 756 759 762 765 768 771 773 776 330

*Other: When installing under-floor air vents, floor heating, power outlets, microphone jacks or other items in the building floor, please consult a Kotobuki Seating representative in each case.

Building floors

Primary The scope of electrical work extends to secondary conduit work
Power Supply including the control box. Please arrange a primary power supply up to the control box. Two types of power supply are required, a three-phase 200V power supply for the main unit drive and a dedicated single-phase 100V power supply for aisle lighting. *Capacity will differ depending on size and setting conditions.
Inspection Door This will be required for maintenance.
Light Fixtures These will be required for maintenance.
Other When equipment such as air conditioning ducts, sprinklers and fire alarms are installed inside the storage area, as this may cause a hindrance to the stored retractable seating system. Please contact a Kotobuki Seating representative whenever such work is performed..

Control box

Recess track

Scissor frame