Capsule In Osaka (Renewed)

Mar. 09,2020
Capsule Hotel / Nap Room

Project Description

The Spa and Sauna Capsule hotel “Capsule Inn Osaka” has Undergone New Renovations

Capsule Inn Osaka contains the world's first Capsule bed (Sleep Capsule) designed by Kishou Kurokawa, and has been welcoming visitors since 1979. As the birthplace of the Capsule hotel, the hotel has always sought new innovations, including introducing the Superior Capsule Room, which was larger and improved from the Standard Capsule Room. With the recent attention on Capsule hotels, the Inn’s newest improvement was the July 2019 renovation, in which a third type of Capsule beds were installed, allowing visitors to have their choice of three options.

Refreshing the Atmosphere of the Floor by Introducing Prefabricated Capsule beds from Other Establishments

The newly introduced Capsule beds are Deluxe Capsule Rooms.

These capsules were previously part of the New Japan Capsule Hotel Cabana and the New Japan Ladies Capsule hotel, which closed due to the aging of the buildings they were in. Because these were prefabricated Capsule beds, they could be broken back down into their panels and columns before being reinstalled in the Capsule Inn Osaka.

The Standard Capsule Room and the Superior Capsule Room are constructed from FRP (fiber-reinforced plastic), but the Deluxe Capsule Roomis made from aluminum resin panels. The exterior design of the rooms really gives them the feel of being the next generation of Capsule beds.

At the entrance to the area with the Deluxe Capsule Rooms, there is a neon sign for some pop flare. Combined with the warm natural color scheme of the outside of the Capsule beds, it gives a glamourous feel to the new area.

Ample Space and Functionality Befitting the Deluxe Capsule Rooms

The Deluxe Capsule Room is 20 cm longer, 15 cm wider, and 30 cm taller than the Standard Capsule Room. There are no protrusions within the space either, which can make it feel even larger than the measurements for guests.

There is sound proofing material in between the inner and outer panels, which vastly reduces noise from the movements of sleepers in the surrounding capsules. Air cyclone mattresses were installed to create better air movement for comfortable sleep, to provide an even higher level of rest.

Facility Introduction: Capsule Inn Osaka, the Birthplace of the Capsule hotel

New Japan Umeda is a men’s’-only sauna and spa facility in Umeda, the center of Osaka. The Capsule hotel “Capsule Inn Osaka”, contained therein was established in 1979 as the world’s first Capsule hotel. There are three types of bed, the Standard Capsule Room from 1979, the larger and improved Superior Capsule Room, and the even larger Deluxe Capsule Room built from prefab panels.

Project Summary

Osaka City, osaka Map
New Japan Co., Ltd.
Jul, 2019
*Deluxe Capsule Rooms are 90 bedes