Nishi-Nippon Railroad, Island City automobile office

Jul. 09,2019
Capsule Hotel / Nap Room

Project Description

Since bus drivers for Nishi-Nippon Railroad have to work late at night and early in the morning, they need to be able to take quality naps before work or during breaks as necessary. However, until now, napping rooms only consisted of beds in a room that had been split up by simple partitions. Therefore, the bus drivers were left exposed in the room as they slept and had their sleep interrupted by sound and light when people enter and exit the room. Therefore, Sleep Capsules (also known as capsule beds) by Kotobuki Seating were chosen as “napping rooms that allow users to rest well without being bothered by the sounds and glances of others.”

A total of 40 Sleep Capsules across 2 rows in the napping room at the Island City automobile office

At the Island City automobile office, we laid out a total of 40 Sleep Capsules across 2 rows in the napping room, which has a shape that is long from side to side, Furthermore, we separated the room vertically using accordion curtains into spaces that each contain 12-16 capsules. Because we set up a door to enter and exit the room for each space, the napping room can actually be used as 3 separate rooms. By creating multiple small spaces, there are less people in each space, minimizing the concern for noise and other elements that hinder sleep. The space and number of beds in the napping room can be adjusted flexibly as needed by opening and closing the accordion curtains based on the time and number of people napping.

These Sleep Capsules are from the SPACE D series by Kotobuki Seating. The colors for the outer panel, frames, and inner panels are different for each location to give the space some flavor.

Project Summary

Fukuoka City, Fukuoka Map
Nishi-Nippon Railroad
Mar, 2019