Jan. 22,2019
Capsule Hotel / Nap Room

Project Description

A capsule hotel standing in Kyoto, the old capital of Japan

The capsule hotel “GLANSIT KYOTO KAWARAMACHI” opened in September, 2018 in Shijo Kawaramachi, the largest downtown of Kyoto.

A symbol tree of bamboo which is a taste of Kyoto welcomes guests at the entrance of the hotel.

The lattice covering the ceiling features a Japanese modern color scheme, melding with the wood-paneled walls to create a space that eases the fatigue and tension of travel.

To avoid the stress of congested check-in/check-out desks, the hotel offers an automated unmanned front desk system. Non-Japanese-speaking guests can operate the system in other languages.

The first floor is for women only, while the second to fourth floors are for men only. In addition to capsule beds, every floor is equipped with a shower room and laundry room.

Two types of room: Standard Capsule and Superior Capsule

The hotel offers 132 units of capsule bed “SPACE D series” from Kotobuki Seating. Two types of room are available: Standard Capsule and the private room-type Superior Capsule with desk.

The Standard Capsule offers two types: vertical, with the entrance placed perpendicular to the orientation of the body when sleeping; and horizontal, with the entrance parallel to the body. Both are equipped with a 24-inch television, power outlet, USB port, and security box for valuables.

The Superior Capsule creates a space close to a private room by placing the entrances to the capsule beds at different orientations for the top and bottom bunks. The room features lockers inside and a hinged door at the entrance.

Every capsule bed is fitted with the hotel's original urethane mattress for a deep, relaxing rest in a natural sleeping position.

Project Summary

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Sep, 2018
Interior Design
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