Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP OsakaNamba

Apr. 09,2019
Capsule Hotel / Nap Room

Project Description

In February 2018, Cabin & Capsule Hotel J-SHIP OsakaNamba opened in Osaka, the birthplace of the capsule hotel. It has an excellent location that is only a one minute walk from the JR Namba Station.

The Modern Japanese Interior Provides a Space of Ultimate Relaxation

The interior with traditional Japanese woodworking techniques welcomes guests. “Kumiko,” which involves putting pieces of wood together without the use of nails, lines the walls of the entrance floor, while “naguri” wood processing, in which distinct shaving patterns provide a unique finish, decorates the elevator hall. There is a Japanese rock garden with sand in front of the lounge. This is a space of hospitality that goes above and beyond a lodging facility by providing peace and harmony.

Special Security to Put Female Guests at Ease

The lodging area lined with capsule beds is separated into male and female floors, and there is thorough security to make sure that members of the wrong gender do not accidentally enter. Female travelers can also stay at ease, even if they are alone. All floors have two types of rooms. There is the Deluxe Cabin, which is a private-type room with a bed, locker, desk, and chair in a space separated by walls, and the Moderate Cabin featuring J-SHIP OsakaNamba’s distinctive design on Kotobuki Seating’s capsule bed “SPACE D series”.

The Gentle Space of the Safe, Reliable Moderate Cabin Touched by the Warmth of Wood

Safety and reliability are the most important aspects of a capsule hotel. Since capsule beds are lined up next to each other, it is essential to be prepared in the case of fires and other emergencies. Nonflammable panels are used for the materials so that capsule beds do go up in flame one after another.

These panels use sound absorbing material to reduce sounds of people sleeping in nearby beds to a minimum. The rolled screen used to open and close the entrance to the capsule bed has light-blocking features to thoroughly prevent light from the hallway and other beds from entering. The male floor has a relaxing navy blue, while the female floor has a natural green.

The capsule beds contain all of the essentials, including a side table, hanger hooks, a night light, accessory pouch, electrical outlet, and USB port. Certain beds even have a liquid crystal TV. The interior panel has a light wood grain design that is gentle and warm. The outer panel also has a wood grain design that is unique to J-SHIP OsakaNamba, providing warmth to the entire floor.

Since opening as a modern Japanese capsule hotel that is comfortable for Japanese people, it has attracted attention from many tourists in Osaka.

Project Summary

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Feb, 2018