Nap room,
Shinagawa Staiton on the Keihin Kyuko railway

Sep. 18,2015
Capsule Hotel / Nap Room

Project Description

In May 2015, a nap room was installed at Shinagawa Station on the Keihin Kyuko Railway. Operating almost 24 hours a day, this transit system is a vital utility that keeps people on the move from late at night until early morning. Nap facilities that allow employees to take a rest are a must for the station to operate safely.
KOTOBUKI SEATING provides capsule beds from the B-CUBE series, which have excellent durability, sound insulation, and heat-insulating properties. The capsules replaced bunk beds as demand to improve the working environment increased. The need to cater for the growing number of female employees led to the introduction of capsule beds that allow private rooms to be created with a minimal footprint. Flame-retardant black-out curtains ensure that occupants are not disturbed by light filtering in, allowing them to enjoy a restful sleep even during the day. Stress is minimized, and occupants get up feeling refreshed in body and spirit.

Project Summary

Minato Ward, Tokyo Map
Keikyu Corporation
May, 2015

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