Lecture Hall,
Nara Park Bus Terminal

Sep. 29,2020
Assembly hall / Chamber room

Project Description

The Lecture Hall with 300 seats at the Tourist Spot Bus Terminal in Nara Prefecture

The lecture hall is located on the second floor of the Nara Park Bus Terminal East Wing, opened in April 2019. The hall can accommodate almost 300 people.
The bus terminal was built to introduce the charm of Nara prefecture and expected to be a center for tourist activity.
The hall is approximately 300 ㎡ of space with tiered seating with movable screen. It is a perfect space for conference, lecture, cultural events and so on.

The Lecture Hall gives Charms of Nara Prefecture

The chair consists of bright red fabric and natural color finished woods.
The hall not only for sending digital contents, travel video, but also appealing the charms of Nara prefecture with the whole lecture hall atmosphere by using local cedar wood for the chair backrest, the armrest and the chair leg side panels. The characteristic of the cedar wood is straight and clear grain. Horizontally laminated backrest emphasizes the beauty of the grain. The horizontal grains effect continuity backrest from when entered to the hall and this creates a sense of unity with the entire hall.
You can feel the richness of Nara prefecture’s nature from the hall.

Comfortable and Convenient Chair

The backrest panel is formed three-dimensional curved surface which is ergonomically designed to suit the shape of the human body. The backrest shape can offer a comfortable experience such as a wrapping feeling by the shape with the suitable cushions. The backrest shape also create an ample knee space for the seats in the next row. The chair is designed with considered overall comfortability.

The seat pan is made of a robust pressed steel plates with serpentine springs which have been continuously improved over the years and high-density molded polyurethane form so that the seat pan maintain the shape. The seat pan provides body pressure distribution and it remain superior experience during a long lectures.
The seat center is 530mm. And all seats are equipped with retractable writing tablet, surface finishing is special fingerprints proof material. The writing tablet can be pulled up when needed. The functional equipment enhances convenience for the users and expand the possibility of events at the hall. After April 2020, the hall is opened to the public and further prosperity is expected.

Project Summary

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