Kotobuki Seating Co., Ltd. Incorporates K+ Seating


Kotobuki Seating has announced the incorporation of a new subsidiary company, Kotobuki Seating España (operating as K+ Seating) headquartered near Barcelona, Spain. 

1. Kotobuki Seating España, S.L.

Kotobuki Seating España (operating as K+ Seating) headquartered near Barcelona, Spain. K+ Seating is “The one stop shop” that will introduce Kotobuki Seating’s various products to clients around the world. Kotobuki Seating and its family of companies are focused on leading sustainable design and solutions to better the seating experiences in the top venues around the world.

2. Company Outline

Company name Kotobuki Seating España, S.L.
Address Passeig Vapor Gran, 29, 2º  office D 08221 Terrassa, Barcelona  Spain
WEB https://kplusseating.com/