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Arena and Stadium / Capsule Bed “Sleep Capsule” / Assembly hall

Here you can see seats and large stages meant for outdoor use in stadiums and arenas, or for gymnasium seats. You can also see our Capsule Bed “Sleep Capsule” which has received quite a lot of attention though the Cool Japan movement, desks and chairs meant for use in city or town capitol assembly halls.

Evaluation of dimensions, which is essential for building new stadiums, is also easy

There are various types of stadiums, such as stadiums specific for baseball or soccer and athletic fields. Roughly 50 types of products are displayed to satisfy demands that continue to diversify. As there is an abundance of dimensions for seat widths, it is easy to evaluate sizing when creating new stands.

Wide-ranging Stadium Seating

There are also seats with a high level of cushioning, as well as seats with an integrated backrest and seats with a separate backrest. You can also take a look at high back seats and press box seats. Since the Cup Holders, which are essential for Stadium Seating, were designed to save space and be convenient, the placement location and shape differ based on the shape of the chair. This can also be checked practically.

We also offer comfortable VIP seats similar to Cinema Seating

VIP seats that cannot usually be sat in, such as annual contract seats of specific companies, are also displayed. We plan to continue to increase all-weather high-grade seats that fulfill the demand for luxury seats, which is expected to grow in the future.

Experience the same seating comfort and maneuverability as the actual arena

As arenas in Japan evolve, their main purpose is shifting from “playing sports” to “watching sports.” You can experience the deployment, storage, and movement of Retractable Seating, which is expected to be implemented more and more as time passes. There are many types of seats for Retractable Seating, such as bench seats, seats with backrests, and seats with cushions.

Further, chairs enabling the enjoyment of the ambiance of courtside seating and light Stacking Chairs that are easy to use for ceremonies and concerts are also displayed. You can also experience how easy it is to actually stack and unstack Stacking Chairs with the moving cart.

Large stages that are crucial for arenas that also host live events

Large movable stages that are suitable for an array of events are displayed. Our showroom that constantly displays these large stages is rare in Japan, so please test out the maneuverability by all means.

Kotobuki Seating produced the world’s first Capsule Bed “Sleep Capsule”

The Capsule Bed “Sleep Capsule” of recent years is bright, stylish, and spacious and has been gaining popularity as a symbol of Cool Japan. Due to increasing demand from visitors to Japan, the demand for Capsule Hotels is high around urban areas. Since producing the world’s first capsule bed in 1979, Kotobuki Seating continues to lead the industry.

Capsule Beds are also useful outside of lodging facilities. They are also popular as beds that allow workers who work day and night, such as at hospitals, railways, hospitals, and police stations, to take naps. A wide range of capsule beds from standard types to high-grade types are displayed.

“Movable” Floor Furniture for assembly halls

Fixed assembly member seats and desks were common for customary Assembly halls in Japan, but movable types are gaining popularity these days. Assembly halls that can have their layout moved and changed are expected to be utilized effectively, such as by turning into emergency response rooms during natural disasters and being used by citizens as a hall room when assemblies are not taking place.

The new feature of mobility has been added, while maintaining the functionality and dignity of a standard Assembly hall. Assembly member seats can certainly be moved together with the podium. Gallery seats are also displayed.