Creation of Comfortable Spaces That Everyone Can Enjoy.



Educational Facilities (School, University)

Here we have items for a wide variety of educational situations on display, from fixed seating for assembly or lecture halls, to movable desks and chairs meant for use in an active learning environment. We also have Lecture Theatre designs, perfect for academic conferences or research meetings. We also have our storable stage, which have been used in many kindergartens and pre-schools, on display for you to try opening and closing.

Model classrooms that allow testing of layout planning and ease of use

For university classrooms, it is important to decide how to efficiently lay out the desks and chairs. The Showroom at Kotobuki Seating has model classrooms where you can freely set the distance between seats, enabling you to confirm the spacing between the seats and the ease of sitting in and standing up from the seats, in addition to the seating comfort.

Active Learning simulation

The ability to quickly and easily move desks and chairs without interrupting the class is important for Active Learning classrooms. Desks and chairs that have been developed with a primary focus on smooth movement are popular not only for universities, but also for high schools, junior high schools, and elementary schools. You can experience the flow of sitting, moving, and sitting.

High quality seats also improve the quality of the lecture

Presentations, lectures, and other talks that are based on two-way communication between the lecturer and the participants are held at Lecture Theaters. There are chairs and seats with the feeling of a luxurious auditorium, as well as chairs with writing tables. The smooth and quiet movement of the writing tables is of Kotobuki Seating’s vaunted quality.

Wall storage stages that are perfect for multi-purpose classrooms

Stages that can be stored in the wall are frequently used not only in universities, high schools, and junior high schools, but also in elementary schools, kindergartens, and nursery schools. As they can be maneuvered easily by anybody, they contribute toward improved work efficiency, especially in facilities with many female employees. There are electric and manual types, and the comfort of use can be experienced by actually pulling them out and storing them.