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A Safe, Peaceful Sleep Sanctuary for EveryoneCapsule beds of Kotobuki SeatingSleep Capsule

The world's first capsule hotel was built in Osaka, Japan in 1979 and fitted with Kotobuki's ultra-modern sleep capsules. Since then, the appeal of a convenient and cost-effective sleep solution has soared in Japan and in an increasing number of other countries.
Technologically-forward Japanese design has developed cocoons to deliver the level of comfort you'd expect from a hotel and function for a wide range of businesses and customers, while maximising space efficiency, and low-cost cleaning and maintenance for the operator.

Product Features

Sleep capsules are precision engineered for sound and thermal insulating properties. As with the full range of Kotobuki products, the capsules offer high durability, reassuring customers of a safe, secure sleep environment.

From a large hotel with hundreds of beds to a small hotel with dozens of beds

Flexible and Scalable

Sleep capsules are now being used not just as flexible hotel solutions, but also across a wide range of industries. Pioneered for business overnighters, a range of businesses and institutions recognise the benefits of restful sleep opportunities for shift workers, hospital and care staff, emergency services staff, the aviation industry and many more. From a single capsule bed in a care home, to safe, secure banks of beds in hostels, we offer a flexible, scalable solution.

The best nap for people who work at airports, police stations, hospitals, a fire stations, etc.

Well rested employees, effective employees

Critical staff often work long shifts and difficult hours. Sleep Capsules provide a quiet, isolated environment to maximise the value of down-time. The Sleep Capsule is increasingly being installed in hospitals, airports, police stations and any organisations in use 24 hours.

Multiple layout variations to meet requirements

Modular units provide flexible options

Multiple layout options offer a solution specifically tailored to individual needs. Space-efficient modules can maximise customer numbers, while larger, more spacious units offer a more luxurious experience in an efficient space.

Privacy is maintained even when many people use the facility

Comfort and Privacy

Sleep capsules are designed and orientated for optimal privacy. Soundproofing and ventilation have been developed in partnership to ensure that each capsule is comfortable and airy while not compromising their discrete nature.

Easily-maintained safe space equipped with a high fire-resistant property

Low Maintenance, High Safety

Cleaning and maintenance of the capsules is vastly easier and cheaper than with a standard hotel room. Walls are smooth and scratch-resistant, free from any protrusions such as nails or screws. Fireproof aluminium panels are used for wall and ceiling materials inside the unit, providing a high level of fire-safety.

Total support from planning to construction

Full service from planning to construction

We have been leading the market in sleep capsule design and installation since 1979 and are pleased to be able to share this experience and expertise to ensure the best possible result for your project. Whether we are refurbishing a whole hotel or installing a few capsules in a hotel or organisation, we provide support from the planning stage, including layout proposals through customising products to suit a client's specific needs through to revenue estimates and opening completed facilities.


Delivery to Lodging Facilities
Capsule hotels240 properties43,000 beds
Delivery to Nap and Watch Duty Facilities
IndustryNumber of locationsNumber of deliveredIndustryNumber of locationsNumber of delivered
1Medical and welfare
(hospitals, etc.)
(newspapers/television, etc.)
2Railroad transportation
(JR/Private railways)
1752,2408Public agencies
(police stations, fire stations, Japan Coast Guard, the Minister of Defense, and others)
3Automobile transportation
(tracks/taxies, etc.)
751,7879Finance / insurance13144
4Air transportation
(airports, etc.)
(hotel employees, etc.)
5Electricity, gas, heat supply, water utility602,04111General companies / others2031,685

As of April 2014

We will introduce you some of the projects of the capsule bed "sleep capsule".


    SPACE D: Contemporary Executive Space

    SPACE D series -- Valuable dream space, crafted with meticulous attention to colour and material finish. A stylish and modern exterior, while providing a sleep sanctuary in a busy world.

    • SPACE D,Vertical
    • SPACE D,Vertical
    • SPACE D,Vertical

    Your choice of sophisticated finish

    Strong, steel core is encased in a decorative frame with integrated stairs and handrails in contemporary, durable aluminium. The exterior panel is available in white or black and there are three-colour way options for the beams and pillars as described from Type A to Type C.

    • SPACE D,Horizontal
    • SPACE D,Horizontal
    • SPACE D,Horizontal
    Type A
    Pillar: Silver, Beam: Silver
    Type B
    Pillar: Brown, Beam: Silver
    Type C
    Pillar: Burgundy, Beam: Brown

    Inside Focus

    The SPACE D's aluminium panels, wall and ceiling are fireproof and the roller blind has flameproof properties. The sophisticated inside finish is achieved with either a brown wood grain or black wood grain for the headboard which can complement or contrast with either wood grain or stucco white walls.

    Attachments offer high interior comfort while fulfilling functions

    All the comforts of modern living

    Energy-efficient white LED lights can be operated individually, as can the intensity and angle of the reading light. Ventilation ensures optimal comfort and operates silently ensuring sleep is undisturbed. Backup power sources ensure that even in the event of a blackout, you are safe and that your alarm will wake you at your designated time. An accessory pocket with a power outlet ensures your essential items are immediately to hand.


    B-CUBE - Excellent Cost Performance

    A durable solution offering comfort, high levels of thermal and sound insulation and superb value for money.


    Flexible layout options

    Units can be arranged vertically or horizontally make the most efficient use of space according to the room dimensions and to allow for easy access to the beds. Design teams plan and arrange B-CUBE to provide a sense of privacy and comfort to beget deep and restful sleep.

    An enviable safety and security record

    The main body of B-CUBE is steel fabricated, supporting a decorative frame with integrated handrails. Inside the unit, simple, sleek lines make best use of space and ease of cleaning and maintenance. Fireproof aluminium panels are used for the walls and ceiling and the curtain is flame and lightproof. Noise reduction has been designed into every aspect of the bed allowing a comfortable and peaceful night's sleep.

    Compact Comfort

    B-CUBE features an intensity-adjustable LED lamp as well as a digital clock with convenient built-in alarm. The light is operable from inside and outside the room for your convenience and, when the button is lit up, it indicates that you are in the room. Flexible, convenient sleep solutions from B-CUBE.