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Closest to the real thing
Kotobuki Seating Showroom

We welcome visitors at the Kotobuki Seating Showroom to see, feel, test out and experience the products first hand. Please contact us if you’re interested in visiting, at


B1F:Theater, Hall/ P.S Studio

Our Theatre Seating products are displayed here, both items from our standard production line, and special order items for use in Japan and abroad. You can also try opening and storing our Retractable Seating (Full Automatic Telescopic Seating System), a great choice for seating in multi-purpose halls which can be opened to multi-level seating, or conveniently slid back into a single stack. In the “Co-LABO” conference room space, you can adjust lighting to test the look of the textiles, wood, and colors used in our seating options in differentenvironments.


1F:Main Entrance / Cinema

In the Main Entrance, you can view famous theater seats from Japan, or the classically popular FRP chairs from the Kotobuki 60 series, and other special chairs, which you have the special opportunity to try for yourself here. This area features a variety of stylish Cinema Seating. You can also try using the Gymnasium Divider Curtain we have installed in the ceiling of the room as well.


2F:Educational Facilities (School, University)

Here we have items for a wide variety of educational situations on display, from fixed seating for assembly or lecture halls, to movable desks and chairs meant for use in an active learning environment. We also have Lecture Theatre designs, perfect for academic conferences or research meetings. We also have our storable stage, which have been used in many kindergartens and pre-schools, on display for you to try opening and closing.


3F:Arena and Stadium
Capsule Bed “Sleep Capsule” / Assembly hall

Here you can see seats and large stages meant for outdoor use in stadiums and arenas, or for gymnasium seats. You can also see our Capsule Bed “Sleep Capsule” which has received quite a lot of attention though the Cool Japan movement, desks and chairs meant for use in city or town capitol assembly halls.


4F:History Museum

Take a look back at the history of Kotobuki Seating, first founded in 1914, as shown through representative pieces from each era. You can see older seats which are unique to the eras when they were designed, and quite different from modern pieces.