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University Fixed Seating : SD-777 seriesPRODUCT

    Fixed Seating SD-777 series for University has independent legs so that it is possible to pass through behind the seat smoothly.

    The independent leg specification allows for easy pass through behind the seat even if someone is seated

    Many types of stationary lecture seating in lecture halls and classrooms of Japanese universities have the seat integrated with the legs of the desk behind it. The SD-777 series is a type in which the seat legs and desk legs are independent. With this structure, there is no vibration from the other seats, enabling you to concentrate on the lecture.

    With the independent leg type, when the occupant assumes a forward tilted posture, the chair follows, and the passage space behind the seat becomes wide. In this way, while someone is seated, other students can pass through behind the seat. When leaving the seat, the seat is compactly stored at only 90mm from the desk, and the passage space is wide. The damper used for the moving part of the seat has the effect of suppressing the speed when being stored away, and absorbing shock and sound. With the combination of the spring and damper, we have realized a durable mechanism.

    The design has also been improved with the high functionality two-piece structure, with the combination of wood and synthetic resin

    The seat has a two-piece structure, with the backrest and seat separated. The height of the backrest was set 10mm higher than that of the same independent leg type SD-770 series, making it easier to lean on. The curve on the seat was increased, providing an improved feeling of support.

    Natural wood is used as the material for the backrest, exuding a sense of warmth and serenity. Molded synthetic resin is used for the seat for a great fit. It possess both good design and functionality.

    The characteristic feature of the synthetic resin seat is that it has a softer feel to the body compared to wooden seats. The SD-777 series consists of different materials in the backrest and the seat, and while displaying the same atmosphere as wooden seats in terms of appearance, it has improved sitting comfort.

    Stylish side panels can also be installed on the legs

    The legs were designed in advance to be compatible with power supplies and communication cables, and the design allows for keeping a clean appearance by attaching the optional wiring cover. Sliding outlets and USB outlets can also be equipped. ※Optional Items

    Side panels with their characteristic metallic glow can also be selected. We also handle custom orders to put the school emblem, which will help create a special space.


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