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University Fixed Seating : SD-770 seriesPRODUCT

    Fixed Seating SD-777 series for University has independent legs so that it is possible to pass through behind the seat smoothly.

    Independent leg specification that allows for easy pass through even if the seat is occupied

    Many types of stationary lecture seats in lecture halls and classrooms of Japanese universities have the seat integrated with the leg of the desk behind it.

    The SD-770 series is a type in which the seat leg and desk leg are independent. This structure has eliminated complaints such as "I can feel the vibration from the seat in front my desk, and it is difficult to write”, and causes of stress such as "I can feel the vibration from the person writing on the desk behind me in my seat and it vibrates my body”.

    With the independent leg type, it is possible to pass through behind the seat even if another student is seated. When the seated student assumes a forward tilted posture, it leaves a passage space behind the seat, allowing passers to go through. This specification is friendly to both the seated students and to the students who want to pass through. Since the seat can be compactly stored when not in use, it is possible to ensure that there is ample passage space at all times.

    The comfort and ease of use of the compact and slim CON-PALLE series

    The characteristic feature of this series is that while being compact, with a 600mm width and an 850mm seat pitch in the front and back for one person, it is comfortable to sit on and easy to use.

    For the upholstery of the chair, a highly durable three-dimensional mesh fabric is used.

    Since the fabric is manufactured with a three-dimensional knitting method, a layer of air is formed in the center, giving it excellent breathability. Even when sitting for an extended period, the chair does not become musty and remains comfortable. The mesh is also resistant to fraying, and it is strong against damage such as when the tip of your pen gets hooked on the fabric.

    On the backrest, there is an opening where you can place your hand so that it is easy to maneuver the chair when pulling it out for sitting. Furthermore, it is possible to hang your backpack on the backrest or place your belongings on the seat.

    The Stacking Chair in the same series is also available

    By configuring the seats with the Stacking Chair : FC-890 series, which has the same design as the SD-770 series, there will be a sense of unity in the interior of the entire classroom. The combination of the fixed seat and the movable chair will increase the freedom in space utilization.


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