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University Fixed Seating : SD-331 seriesPRODUCT

    Fixed seats equipped with a ‘swing up mechanism’ which allows the seat to gently follow the movement of the student.

    The Swing Up Mechanism Allows Users to Sit Easily, Hands Free

    These seats are equipped with a ‘swing up mechanism’, and the seat can follow the back of the thighs and hips as the student stands up and sits down. Students can lean their hips against the seat to slide it down easily while carrying their belongings in their arms. This allows students to get in and out of their seats smoothly, with minimal effort.These seats are made of synthetic resin, and are available with or without padding on the seat.

    The Perfect Seat for Renovating or Improving Classrooms and Lecture Halls

    The swing up mechanism really comes into its own when used in place of existing seating in renovations. Compared to normal seats which swing open, these seats allow for more room around the lap of the seated student. This means that even using the preexisting desks and front to back pitch of the floor, the setup can be adjusted to allow for roomier seating. This is a great option for renovations of classrooms where narrow isle space is an issue.By pushing the seat up a bit towards the back when someone is passing by, it’s easy to make a wide aisle space. This is a product designed to use space efficiently, but the back and seat are both designed with ample depth, height, and width to be comfortable.


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