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University Fixed Seating with air-conditioning system "MyAir S3 series"PRODUCT

    Lecture Hall Desks with Air Conditioning Included in the Backrests

    These are fixed lecture desk-chair sets, with an air conditioning system built in.This is a next-generation environment adjustment air conditioning system for use in high density classrooms and lecture halls, the first of its kind installed in Japan. It’s been named the MyAir S3 series.

    The MyAir S3 series directs airflow from each seat to the seated audience members, gently enough to avoid uncomfortably cold airflow. Unlike previous air conditioning systems, this system works to cool just the area where students are seated, instead of the whole room. This makes it ideal for spaces such as classrooms and lecture halls, where large numbers of students are gathered.

    The vents for the air conditioning are small openings in the upper back of the seats. Air is sent out in a V-shape, to avoid directly hitting the nape of a seated person’s neck. With vents so close to the people present, it’s possible to improve air quality, and run the system efficiently. When students are hot they can lean back, and when they’re cold they can lean forward, allowing them to adjust the amount of air conditioning or heating directed towards them. This system is also exceptional because it avoids the direct flow of cool air to students’ legs which is often a side effect of ventilation via floor vents.

    Swinging Seats Make Sitting Down Comfortable

    The seats are equipped with a ‘swing up mechanism’ which allows the seat to gently follow the movement of the student. With this function, the seat follows the back of the thighs and hips as the student stands up and sits down. This allows students to get out of their seats smoothly, with minimal effort. There’s no need to move the seat by hand before sitting, which allows students carrying their things to sit easily.

    These seats are made of synthetic resin, and are available with or without padding on the seat.


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