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Telescopic / Retractable Seating System

We’ve refined this system over 60 years of development,
aiming to create easy-to-use functionality, and a safe and stable design.

  • Yurihonjo City Cultural Center KADARE
  • Kamaishi Civic Hall TETTO
  • Aeruwa Hall, AERUWA
  • Kure Kizuna Hall
  • Hachijo Town Government Hall OJARE
  • Auditorium and Gymnasium, Nakano Junior and Senior High School Attached to Meiji University
  • Small Hall, Higashi Hiroshima Arts & Culture Hall Kurara

About Our Telescopic /
Retractable Seating System

Retractable seating (also known as telescopic seating) is a system in which audience seating can be retracted and stored in a wall, or below a stage. These systems allow for multi-purpose use of a space in a way which wasn’t possible with fixed audience seating. Some systems allow all the seating to be moved or removed, meaning the venue can be completely customized for each event. From professional theatres to sports venues, the optimum viewing environment for the type and scale of event can be created.

Kotobuki Seating’s retractable seating has constantly evolved, with the aim of creating easy-to-use functionality, and a safe and stable design. With high quality recognized both in Japan and abroad, this system is used in a wide variety of facilities.


Quickly and safely create a seating layout perfect for every use, including lectures, ceremonies, theatre, concerts, sports, and more.

When retracted, the system is stored within a wall, blending with the design of the room, and allowing for use of the space for parties or exhibitions.

Low Cost

The automatic system can be opened or retracted quickly using a switch on the remote. The system uses very little power, making it highly cost effective.

  • Time to open

    about 3.5 minutes

  • Rate of movement

    3.6 meters/minute

  • Running cost

    ¥4 each time

For in-wall storage 10 rows, 200 seats (Does not include time for manual setup of handrails)

Japan's first fully automatic seating system, now installed in over 1,700 facilities

In the 27 years since we installed the first fully automatic telescopic seating system in Japan, we have continued to improve our design, and have now installed over 1,700 systems. Development of the system will continue as we move forward.

Market share in Japan

(at jun.2017)

  • Systems installed


  • Seats installed


Flawless operation, and a system of maintenance and support to ensure safety

Even fully automatic telescopic seating systems delivered 30 years ago are still in perfect working order. Systems are warrantied for one year after installation. Following this, we recommend a contract for maintenance and inspection. With a contract, we will conduct regular inspections and maintenance one or two times a year (depending on frequency of use and number of seats), preserving functionality and preventing issues.


  • Product installation

    Warrantied for one year after delivery

  • Signing a contract

    An estimate of the cost necessary for maintenance and inspections will be provided. Upon confirmation, the contract will be issued

  • Conducting the inspection

    Moveable parts will be oiled and joints checked for weakness

  • Results of inspection

    A maintenance record will be created, and any emergency repairs made

  • Repairing and replacing parts

    Where necessary, parts will be repaired or replaced, at additional cost

Hotline Support

We accept phone calls 24 hours a day, every day of the year. If issues cannot be resolved over the phone, one of our team will come and visit in person.

  • Dedicated emergency line

    24 hours a day, 365 days a year

  • problems resolved


*This applies for support within Japan. Please ask us for information about receiving support abroad.

Proud of our earthquake safety record, with zero falls or collapses.

The number of falls or collapses due to large earthquakes


We have a responsibility as a manufacturer in Japan, a country known for earthquakes. By maintaining strict safety standards, and by conducting durability testing of our moveable seating systems, we can provide a level of strength and durability which is the highest in Japan. We developed a stable system for expansion and retraction, by using deck trusses verified for safety, connecting at both the front and back. The excellent safety of the system is demonstrated by the lack of even one fall or collapse accident related to a large-scale earthquake.

A rainbow of colors, and the opportunity to brand a space through upholstery or pattern choice

There are over 50 different color variations available. In addition to plain colors, seating can also be decorated with a gradient to add an accent to the space. With a custom order, it’s also possible to change the upholstery or add a pattern to create a branded look specifically for the location.

*Depending on the type of seat, the colors and the type and number of fabrics which can be used will change

  • Kure Kizuna Hall

  • Hachijo Town Government Hall OJARE

  • Small Hall, Higashi Hiroshima Arts & Culture Hall Kurara

  • Auditorium and Gymnasium, Nakano Junior and Senior High School Attached to Meiji

Pick from two types depending on the layout and use

Determine what type of retractable seating would work best, and learn more

Answer up to three questions and we will introduce you to the retractable seating (also known as telescopic seating) best suited for your facility. First, please select the type of facility from the list below:

  • Cultural

    Used for concerts or theatre performances

  • Sports

    Used for sporting events and games

  • Educational

    Used for classes, lectures, and ceremonies

  • Research

    Used by companies for research and lectures