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Yamato Seiran High School, Renshin Building
Studio A & Studio C

School and University / Class Room|Aug. 22, 2019

  • 大和青藍高等学校 錬心館 studioA/studioC
  • 大和青藍高等学校 錬心館 studioA/studioC
  • 大和青藍高等学校 錬心館 studioA/studioC
  • 大和青藍高等学校 錬心館 studioA/studioC
  • 大和青藍高等学校 錬心館 studioA/studioC
  • 大和青藍高等学校 錬心館 studioA/studioC
  • 大和青藍高等学校 錬心館 studioA/studioC
  • 大和青藍高等学校 錬心館 studioA/studioC
  • 大和青藍高等学校 錬心館 studioA/studioC
  • 大和青藍高等学校 錬心館 studioA/studioC

Yamato Seiran High School’s New Kitchen Classroom

In addition to its regular curriculum, Yamato Seiran High School also offers classes in nursing, welfare care, and cooking. The school’s new building has a kitchen classroom, Studios A and C of which have had fixed desks and seats fitted.

The desks and seats form a gentle arch in Studio A, while those in Studio C are arranged with multiple straight sides. The seats are arranged in a gradually steeper set of ascending levels, so that students sat in any seat will be able to clearly see what their teacher is doing at the demonstration counter. This not only ensures that students seated in the front rows do not block the view for students seated further back, but also creates a learning environment that promotes concentration on lessons, and that is more interesting and engaging.

Another positive is that this arrangement not only ensures that students have a clear view of their teacher, but that, at the same time, the teacher can clearly pick out the faces of each individual student. By making it possible for the teacher to easily observe the expressions and reactions of students, this arrangement helps them come up with better ways of explaining lessons, and allows them to conduct careful instruction until they are sure they have explained their lessons such that their students understand.

Adding Unique Customizable Features to Our New SD-777 Series Products

The SD-777 Series desk and seat is distinguished by the way in which each seat has its own independent leg. As the seats are not connected to the other seats or desks around them, one user moving around or changing position does not affect or send tremors through to other users. The narrow space between the backboards of the seats and the desks when the seats are vacant also creates ample space for people to pass through. This set up allows for smooth movement, as, for example, when students are asked to gather around the demonstration counter, they are able to stand up and pass between seats without creating tremors for others, and can move about without the stress of bumping those around them.

The seats have a two-piece construction that separates the seat and the backrest, in order to provide greater comfort. The backrest follows the S-shape of the spine, while the base of the seat gradually rises towards the back, forming a duck-tail shape. This form provides students with a secure and comfortable sitting experience.

The products were specifically customized for this high school.

Firstly, the screening panels have been extended. This both allows the screening panels to act as stoppers that prevent pens and worksheets from tumbling off of the desks, and prevents people from making inappropriate glances when female students are wearing skirts, by fully covering the area from the knees to the feet.

Secondly, the shape of the desktops has been customized. Specifically, the corners of the desks that extended out into the walkways have been rounded off, so that even if those passing through were to bump into the corners, there would be no risk of harm, thus ensuring greater safety.

Project summary

Nogata City, Fukuoka 
Mar, 2019

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