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Sea Forest Waterway

Sports Facility / Outdoor Stadium|Aug. 1, 2019

  • 海の森水上競技場
  • 海の森水上競技場
  • 海の森水上競技場
  • 海の森水上競技場
  • 海の森水上競技場
  • 海の森水上競技場
  • 海の森水上競技場
  • 海の森水上競技場
  • 海の森水上競技場
  • 海の森水上競技場

Sea Forest Waterway is a stadium for boat and canoe races that was newly installed inside Sea Forest Park in Aomi, Koto, Tokyo. It was completed in May 2019 and held a ceremonial regatta on June 16th.

The permanent spectator seats in the grand stand are separated into the main stand, which has a roof, and the sub stand, which does not have a roof. Kotobuki Seating installed a total of 1,936 seats, with 838 seats in the main stand and 1,098 seats in the sub stand. In addition to the general seats, there are also wheelchair seats in the first and last rows, as well as preferential seats in the first row. The wheelchair seats have standard seats placed next to the spaces for the wheelchairs to allow the companions to watch the events together.

The seats that were chosen are long-sellers by Kotobuki Seating that are frequently used for indoor and outdoor stadiums and arenas. The seats and the seatbacks are connected and have a rounded design that give them character. Although they have a compact design, the seatbacks support the body by conforming to the spectator’s posture while seated.

High-density polyethylene with resistance to fading, discoloration, rain, sea breezes, and ultraviolet rays was chosen for the material for the seats. They are also strong against impact at low temperature, making them a reliable fabric even during the middle of winter. Additionally, they repel water and can be wiped down easily when a drink is spilled on them. In order to allow the seats to maintain their strength, a production method called blow molding, in which air is blown in to shape the product, is utilized. It combines suitable cushioning with its strength to provide comfort.

Project summary

Koto Ward, Tokyo 
May, 2019
Basic Design
Pacific Consultants Co., LTD.
Design and Construction

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