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HEARTS Capsule Hotel & Spa

Capsule Hotel / Nap Room|Jun. 18, 2019

  • HEARTS capsule Hotel
  • HEARTS capsule Hotel & Spa
  • HEARTS capsule Hotel
  • HEARTS capsule Hotel
  • HEARTS capsule Hotel
  • HEARTSカプセルホテル&スパ
  • HEARTSカプセルホテル&スパ
  • HEARTSカプセルホテル&スパ
  • HEARTSカプセルホテル&スパ
  • HEARTSカプセルホテル&スパ

“HEARTS Bus Station Hakata,” the bus terminal, opened in December 2018. “HEARTS Capsule Hotel & Spa” is on the 2nd floor that connects directly to the bus terminal. A spa to relieve the exhaustion of traveling, a café, restaurant, and bar to enjoy relaxing moments, and a capsule hotel are joined together here.

The Sleep Capsules (also known as capsule beds) that line the capsule hotel are from the SPACE D Series by Kotobuki Seating. This series already has a distinctive appearance with anodized aluminum that has had its surface polished, but we customized the appearance further for HEARTS capsule Hotel & Spa. The silver panels and pillars and black ladders and handrails give off a stylish appearance. At the bottom of the capsule beds are LED liner lights that light up the floor covered with a blue carpet as if to guide you. Further, the side panels of the capsule beds are decorative walls with plain wood. These special design elements match with the undressed concrete walls to provide a near-futuristic atmosphere across the entire floor.

The interior space for all capsules have a black headboard and white panels, making them seem more spacious than they actually are. They are also equipped with a night panel with an alarm, power outlets, USB ports, mirrors to check your appearance, and a convenient small shelf to put your mobile phone, smartphone, or glasses.

Project summary

Fukuoka City, Fukuoka 
Suppose design office
Jan, 2019

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