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Cinema|Mar. 26, 2019

  • UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO
  • UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO
  • UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO
  • UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO
  • UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO
  • UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO
  • UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO
  • UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO
  • UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO
  • UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO

UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO opened in December 2018. It is a compact and dense mini-theater complex with five screens and a total of 300 seats.

Takashi Aasai, the representative of UPLINK, identified the guest seats as the most important element when creating this movie theater. Thinking that the comfort of the seats will significantly alter how pleasant the movie theater is, Aasai started with the selection of the seats. Seats by Quinette Gallay Renaissance, a long-established theater seat manufacturer that has made seats for various opera houses in France, were selected to recreate the seats in movie theaters from the ‘80s, when there was a mini-theater craze in Japan.

Interior Design and Seats that Act in Concert with the Concepts of the Screens

The seats in UPLINK Kichijoji PARCO symbolize the concepts of the five screens, and the wallpaper and other interior design elements match with these concepts.

Screen 1, which is named “POP,” has 63 seats which are orange, black, and blue placed randomly. The unique pop feeling that is created in conjunction with the wallpaper designed by Eley Kishimoto is distinctive.

Screen 2, which is named “RAINBOW,” has 52 seats. Based on the imagery of a rainbow, there are seven colors for the seats, which color the space vividly with the wallpaper of a blue sky. The same seat type is used as screen 1, but a completely different impression is produced through different interior design elements and colors.

Screen 3, which is named “RED,” exhibits a spacy atmosphere through its lighting. The crimson leather seats and black armrests between each seat make the seats stand out. The backrests are gently rounded to wrap around the entire body. This screen has 98 seats, which is the most out of all of the screens.

Screen 4, which is named “WOOD,” is impressive for its wood grain walls and has 58 seats that have natural wood on the back of the backrests. The walls and the seats combine with the vintage indirect lighting to produce a relaxed atmosphere.

Screen 5, which is named “STRIPE,” can be considered the most unique space. The cinema seats are covered with a fabric that has vertical stripes, the carpet on the floor also has stripes that look like extensions of the stripes on the seats, and the wallpaper is “Birds and Pomegranates” by William Morris. With only 29 seats, it is the smallest screen, but it has a strong presence.

For all screens, the seats in the front row have a low seat surface, allowing users to stretch their legs and relax.

Project summary

Musashino City, Tokyo 
Dec, 2018
*The total number of seats